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Propaganda in a Biology class

Here’s an open letter I wrote to the Physical Sciences department at Santa Monica College.  I was enraged but I managed to refrain from dropping F bombs all over their asses.  Make sure you watch the video; just be ready for a cold shower because you’re blood is going to boil.

I’m compelled to bring to your attention an upsetting matter:  Bear with me for just a moment.  “The Story Of Stuff” ( storyofstuff.com ) is a so-called documentary that expresses the all-too-familiar opinion that capitalism and America are evil.  It purports to explain the chain of production and it’s effects on the environment, but it also spills over into the the arena of politics and economics. It makes so many arguable statements, exaggerations, and even outright falsehoods that one could spend hours discussing all the misinformation it contains.

This is not new.  Having graduated from college, I am accustomed to having liberal arts professors use their classrooms as podiums to spout their political and social opinions.  What is the shocking news here?  This video, “The Story Of Stuff,” is part of the required coursework in a college biology class!  This is a perversion of an institution of higher learning.  This video does not belong in a biology course!  This professor should not be allowed to get away with this.


Los Angeles, CA

P.S. Here are the specifics on the class.

School: Santa Monica College (Santa Monica, CA)
Course:  BIOL 2, Human Biology
Instructor: Jacki L. Houghton
Term: Fall 2009

I’m not deluding myself into thinking that anything will be done about this.  It just depresses me that even science, which I thought was the last bastion of critical thinking left in colleges, is polluted with vile indoctrination.  Et tu, Brute?


  1. Johnteezey
    2009-09-12 at 17:54:18

    Impressively, this video is pretty much the aggregation of every buzz word in the environmentalist meme space without any critical thinking whatsoever.

    I’m inspired to try and capture the tone (Eh, hem, testing, mic check…testing):

    Over the last 5 years 75% of informational videos circling the web have been made by the corporations. The same corporations that allegedly are working with the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith but who are really just trying to fatten their own pockets. Pockets that were made by children in 3rd world countries. Countries where an alarming 80% of children don’t have access to the internet much less informational videos. So, you can see, clearly, that without access to at least 69% of my fat ass and dried up vagina along with these cute zero emission animations on a green screen that representing economic concepts that are two standard deviations beyond my understanding, 92% of those kids will never know that they should turn down the jobs that 57% of the corporations offer regardless of their alternatives because our world is…finite, and the system is…uh…parabolic…or linear, maybe both. I’m not sure which, I don’t really like Math or Econ or Physics or Ecology but I did travel for 10 years and saw some Black people that weren’t wearing many clothes. Seriously, honest to god natives, I’m so diverse. I should get an award…maybe two awards…and a parade, it should be a big parade, but not too big, I would like it to be eco-friendly, the floats should run on ethanol, a hybrid with ethanol, do they have those yet? Ooh, and the awards will be dream catchers because I’m not materialistic. Huh?! Where was I, oh yeah, here’s some pie charts for your viewing pleasure, also, some rates of resource decline with analogies in terms of football fields and Olympic swimming pools, top it off with…oh why not, a skull and cross bones + a bolt of electricity going into a factory.

    A harsh way to have your [virtue of the scientific community] bubble burst.

  2. Johnteezey
    2009-09-12 at 18:19:18

    I’m sorry, I can’t finish that video. I can’t watch it for more than 30 seconds without getting so upset I have pause it. That’s 30 seconds of life that I won’t have. Because life is finite. Linear system. Plus, did you know, that every time I get so upset that I get EBPS as well as increased toxins. EBPS stands for Elevated Blood Pressure Syndrome which is an acronym and syndrome I just made up. I make up one acronym every 7 minutes, at that rate, if everyone made up acronyms it could fill up a new book every 20 seconds. That’s equivalent to an Olympic size swimming pool full of acronym books every 2 days! Did you know that 60% of people are more likely to believe what I say if I drop acronyms and use pie charts. Pies are finite, I wish they weren’t. If we were to split a pie, I would get 80% and you would get 20% that’s what we call PPAP or Proper Pie Allocation Procedure. See because I go to places and talk to “the peoples” I need…

    I cannot help but imagine that this lady talks like this all the time. She’s like the horrible result of the most saccharine voiced 2nd grade school teachers, myriad well-intentioned-eco-retards and a Trapper Keeper notebook.

  3. JayAaroBe
    2009-09-12 at 18:22:48

    Hahahaha! Bra-VO!

  4. Melays
    2009-09-12 at 23:55:03

    This chick needs to have 80% of her vag pounded at 600 psi, for 8 minutes every quarter hour for 3.4 days. Between the therapy sessions and learning how to walk again she wont have time to make any more stupid videos.

  5. Christina
    2011-01-02 at 10:29:24

    I, like Mr. Johnteezey, found the original Story of Stuff to be impossible to watch due to the violent rage that builds up for the smug and preachy woman spewing her ignorance onto the viewer. After only 30 seconds you want a shower, damn that’s a lot of r-tardation (hold on can’t see *raises hand to wipe her dolt vomit from my eyes and flick it to the ground* *slop*). I have found the video only tolerable when the woman is called out on her ignorance in “The Critique” version.

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