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Science Knowledge Quiz

Here’s the quiz:  http://pewresearch.org/sciencequiz/quiz/

Here’s the article:  http://pewresearch.org/sciencequiz/

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  1. Johnteezey
    2009-10-09 at 00:30:48

    90th percentile bitch!

  2. Johnteezey
    2009-10-09 at 00:36:01

    That’s cool, looks real legit. So much so that it might have difficulty in quitting.

  3. 2009-10-09 at 10:15:12

    Stop! Hammertime!

    Yeah, I suspected you’d get them all correct. If only a larger percentage of the population were atheistic libertarian geniuses.

  4. Johnteezey
    2009-10-28 at 09:26:23

    Yes, if only there were a thick librarian genera.

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