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Apparently our governmental elected representitives are above the law

In a previous article, I discussed insider trading and explained what makes it illegal.  Since then, I recently learned a disturbing fact.  Our elected representatives in government are apparently above the law.  What do I mean by this?  Well, actions that would land a citizen in jail for insider trading carry no penalties for some politicians.  You can see this on the various committees and subcommittees in our government.  An example of this is a politician who sits on a committee that decides how the government spends it’s money.  This politician will be a stock-holder in a company that gets a government contract due to the decision of the very committee that politician is a part of!  In other words, Politician A is a part of a committee which decides which company gets the government contract for something like building new military airplanes.  Now the corruption can happen in one of two ways.

Example 1: Politician A learns that company B is going to be getting the multi-billion dollar contract for making new military airplanes.  Politician A immediately calls up his stock broker and and says “Buy a ton of stock in Company B!”  If this situation occurred in any other industry, Mr. A would go to jail for insider trading.  But since he’s “Politician A,” he’s allowed to do that without any penalty.

Example 2: Same as above except Politician A already owns a ton of stock in Company B.  Now when it comes time for the committee to decide which company gets the multi-billion dollar government contract to build military airplanes, Politician A votes for Company B.  Gee, ya think there might be a conflict of interest?

And I’ve got news for you folks: this type of thing goes on in BOTH parties. Democrats and Republicans are both equally guilty of this.  In fact, that’s the reason why this corruption has been allowed to remain unchecked; because neither the Democratic politicians nor the Republican politicians dare to point a finger at their opponents on this issue because they know the opponents can point a finger right back at them.  So amongst all the bickering back and forth that goes on between the two parties, one of the things they CAN agree on is to remain hush hush on the issue of this particular type of corruption / conflict of interest.

Wrapping up, this is just another example of how the political system in the US has gotten to the point of being legalized bribery.  I’ll write another article going into more detail on the subject so stay tuned.

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  1. Johnteezey
  2. Johnteezey
    2011-02-14 at 10:12:45
  3. 2011-02-17 at 11:02:18

    Good find. People are starting to call “shenanigans” on politicians. The only problem is that the fox is in charge of regulating the chicken coop. Getting our politicians to rid the system of corruption is like trying to lift yourself up by your own shoelaces.

  4. 2011-12-25 at 15:17:25

    Even 60 minutes has done an expose on this system of legalized corruption: http://www.absolutedespotism.com/stories/111121859/when-did-people-start-believing-politicians

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