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Do It Yourself Vusion Can Save You A Lot Of Money

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not affiliated with any of the things discussed in my article.  I have no financial stake.  I’m not promoting anything.  I don’t have an ax to grind.  I’m simply sharing what worked for me because I think others may benefit from my experience as I did.

Do you use Vusion? If you do, I’ve got some great news for you: you never have to pay Vusion’s ridiculously high price again, nor get a prescription to buy it.  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about anything illegal, so you can continue to read without that concern.

Vusion is effective, so I’m not bad-mouthing it.  What I have a problem with is how incredibly expensive it is considering it’s made from inexpensive Over-The-Counter ( OTC ) products, and the fact that you need a prescription to buy it.  Even with coupons and insurance coverage, it’s still extremely expensive.  I couldn’t afford it anymore so I had to find an alternative, and I found one.

So get ready to save a lot of money as I show you how to make your own Vusion from inexpensive OTC products.

Before we go further, let’s examine what’s in Vusion.  It has three main ingredients (the rest are just “filler”). Those three ingredients are:

  1. miconazole
  2. zinc oxide
  3. petroleum jelly (also known as petrolatum or white petrolatum or by its brand name Vaseline.  In this article we will refer to this ingredient as petrolatum).

What do those three things do?

  1. MICONAZOLE is an antifungal med that has been used for years in OTC anti-fungal products that treat things like athlete’s foot, ringworm, and jock itch (in case you wanted to know, all three of those things are caused by a fungal infection called tinea [pronounced TIN-eee-uh]).  Miconazole is extremely common, inexpensive, and can be found OTC pretty much anywhere.  It is available in a variety of forms such as a cream or a spray-on.  Just search for products used to treat athlete’s foot and you’ll find one that has miconazole.
  2. ZINC OXIDE is used in calamine lotion (which you’ve probably heard of) and many other products as an antibacterial and deodorizer.  I’ll explain later where to look for it.
  3. PETROLATUM (aka petroleum jelly) is so common and has been around so long that pretty much everyone knows what it is and people usually refer to it by its brand name Vaseline.  When used on chapped lips, it helps by sealing in the moisture to help with cracked, dried lips.  Likewise with skin anywhere else on the body.  Petrolatum can found pretty much anywhere as well.

So knowing what was in Vusion, I was able to find a combination of inexpensive OTC products that when used together achieve the exact same result as Vusion for a fraction of the price and without the need for a prescription.  I’ll tell you how I do it and you can do the same thing as me or change it to whatever works best for you.  You may use whatever products you choose as long as you make sure that you have those three key ingredients.

Here’s what I do:  I bought Lotrimin, which is used for athlete’s foot (it contains miconazole, one of the three key ingredients we’re looking for).  Next, I bought a product called “Triple Paste medicated ointment for diaper rash”, which comes in a little tub with a screw-on lid.  This stuff is basically just petrolatum with zinc oxide in it (the other two key ingredients we’re looking for), and so this product allowed me to kill two birds with one stone because it has both.

So I only needed to buy two products, and both were inexpensive, OTC, and common enough to be found pretty much anywhere.  With those products, whenever I had reason to use Vusion, I instead applied the Lotrimin (miconazole) and then applied the “Triple Paste medicated ointment for diaper rash” (zinc oxide and petrolatum).  Same results! 🙂

That’s how I did it.  I hope that helps.  Please feel free to leave feedback if you have any questions or comments.

  1. Sheryl Bracken
    2012-08-14 at 01:44:34

    Thank you for this information. You are a great man for taking the time to share your research to help so many save money. Vusion is a great product, but like you say, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

  2. 2012-08-14 at 23:10:36

    You’re very welcome! I’m glad it was helpful.

  3. M
    2013-09-28 at 08:13:59

    I’ve noticed that Lotramin has clotrimazole, not miconazole. Every time I try to find miconazole it comes in a 2% concentration which is much higher than the 0.25% concentration. What are you doing to dilute it that far down?

    • 2013-10-09 at 16:13:37

      Hmmm, that’s strange because I’ve been able to find Lotrimin that has miconazole. Here’s the product’s web page and you can see that it contains miconazole: http://www.lotrimin.com/products/athlete-deodorant-powder.html

      As far as the concentration, from my experience and under the supervision of my dermatologist, the 2% concentration is perfectly acceptable to use. Is there a particular reason you want to dilute it to 0.25% concentration?

  4. Concerned Mom
    2014-01-02 at 16:10:44

    Amazing!! My daughter needs Vusion but the expense is simply too much for our family:( Thank you so much and I am so happy to have an alternative!!!!

    • 2014-01-02 at 19:24:22

      You’re welcome! It’s good to know the info was helpful to you 🙂

  5. Susan
    2014-09-03 at 09:50:14

    You don’t know how happy I am to find this information. I am confined to a wheelchair and have skin issues. Dermatologist prescribed Vusion and it’s not covered. QUESTIONS: Do you use the Lotrimin spray? It sounds like you may use the Lotrimin spray, and then apply the Triple Paste ointment on top of that. Is that correct? Many thanks for your kind help.

    • 2014-09-12 at 13:13:12

      I’m glad this helped you Susan! 🙂 To answer your question, yes I have used the Lotrimin spray but any brand will work as long as the active ingredients are the same. And yes, I use the spray first and then apply the Triple Paste on top of that, that is correct.

  6. BG42000
    2014-10-13 at 11:19:11

    My pharmacist gave me this “recipe” today for my daughters diaper rash. He did order me a tube of miconazole so I wouldn’t need to buy products with other ingredients. Vusion $525, homemade version under $20. You’re doing a great service by putting this out there. Thank you.

  7. 2014-10-22 at 09:42:52

    You’re welcome! I’m glad the information was able to help you save some money. 🙂

  8. Ray Moessner
    2014-11-27 at 07:57:02

    Thank you for your article. I was just getting over sticker shock at the uncalled for high price for Vusion. Even with my expensive med plan, it still cost me $144 for the 50 gram tube. When i Googled alternatives, I discovered your excellent solution. I have not touched base with my doc yet; but I am a bit concerned about how your alternative’s ingredient percentages compare with Vusion, and if significantly different, does it matter for a blemish on my forehead.. Your solution is actually two applications of meds. What does it finally end up looking like after application. Vusion of course ends up appearing like a lifeguard’s lips, a white layer, because of the 15% ZnOx. Any more thoughts or comments?

  9. 2015-01-02 at 23:39:00

    Ray, since the main active ingredients are the same as Vusion, it’s going to mostly look the same as Vusion when applied. Usually Vusion is used on body parts that are typically unseen to treat things like diaper rash, jock itch, and athlete’s foot. I’ve never heard of it being used on the face and I have no experience with that so I cannot give you an answer.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and you should consult a physician to get professional answers to your questions.

  10. Sharon Makulski
    2017-04-14 at 12:05:24

    Lotrin doesn’t use miconaze but instead clotrimazole. I assume this is comparable anyone have any thoughts?

  11. Betty
    2018-09-01 at 10:36:59

    Triple Paste AF is has the antifungal miconazole, plus zinc oxide and white petroleum I use this and cover with A & D ointment for additional protection. Can get this product by ordering at Walgreen’s. CVS didn’t carry it.

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