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Joe Rogan show featuring Adam Kokesh of the ‘liberty movement’

2012-07-13 1 comment

I thought this was a sweet interview. This is a short segment.

Here’s the full Joe Rogan podcast:

Content gets good with the guest at about 2:03.

At 2 hours and 20 minutes they are basically debating. Really interesting I though to see Joe Rogan get his mind open to some new ideas (other than that he smoke’s rocks!).

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Started a Net Cast, “Decline to State,” with Friends From Reddit. Check it out!

2012-07-04 1 comment

Started a Net Cast with Friends From Reddit. Check it out!

I am not the main creator…but I came up with the name for it…Can you believe they wanted to call it “Highway Crossing Frog?”

If you get a chance to listen think you’ll find it most… Onboard. In this most recent episode we start off talking about the Higgs Boson and Quantum Computing a little bit. 🙂

And of course, you are all always welcome to call in!  1900 hrs PST Wednesday (10 PM EST)

You’ll find I go by RonaldMcPaul on the show.

Happy 4th Everyone!


PS: Hope to maybe get a few more Those Onboard branded casts out there soon too.

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