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How to display your name properly

If you want your username to appear with the proper capitalization (e.g. JayAaroBe instead of jayaarobe), here’s how you do it:

Once logged in, notice the admin bar going across the top of the page.  Point your mouse to the admin bar’s top-left section where it says “My Account.”  Then click on “Edit Profile.”

Now scroll down and find the box that says “Nickname (required)” and type your name in as you want it to appear.

Now scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Update Profile.”  Done!

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Why does the site look different?

You may notice the overall look of the site change several times.  This is because I’m experimenting with the best “theme.”  I’ve narrowed the list of themes down to those which display the author’s name for each article posted (which is important on a multi-author site).

My goal is to decide on one soon and stick with it because I think it’s important for the site’s look to remain at least somewhat consistent.  Feel free to make suggestions.

Let’s get this party started.

Everyone should try out Linux (the operating system) at some point.

Screenshot of Xubuntu with Firefox running.

Screenshot of Xubuntu with Firefox running.

For those who are unaware, Linux is the operating system (OS) of choice for heaving duty IT work, tech savvy people, and anyone who needs reliability and security.

I recently installed Linux on my secondary laptop, specifically the version of Linux called Xubuntu (pronounced ex-ooh-boon-too).  It’s lightweight & fast, has everything you need, it’s interface is similar to that of Windows so it’ll be very familiar to you, plus it’s free!

You can even test it out on your Windows computer without installing it;  it has a mode where you can try it out; it temporarily runs itself side-by-side by Windows without messing up your Windows installation in any way.  When you’re done, you simply reboot and there’s no record of Linux having ever been on your computer.

Try it with one click: Wubi is a program that will download and run it for you.  Once it’s installing, I recommend selecting Xubuntu (it’s more lightweight and faster than Ubuntu or Kubuntu; but basically all 3 are pretty much the same version of Linux).

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