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Those OnBoard Episode #0.1 – Libertarianism vs Anarchism

Those OnBoard Episode #0.2 – Choosing The Best Web Browser

  1. Charlie
    2010-10-16 at 19:27:36

    Hey just listened to your podcasts and I have a couple things I wanted to point out to you. First of all Ep .2 is barely audible, you should try and get a better recording, Ep. 1 is much clearer but is overwhelmed by your voice at certain points.
    Second Jayaarobe, You have great delivery when speaking, you have an engaging and smooth way of conveying your information and it is great to listen to you. =)
    I also noticed in Ep. 1 that you’re really just advocating for the other podcast you mentioned which is speaking about anarchism. I feel like I did not learn any new valuable information from your podcast, because you simply referred me to the one you listened to. Another thing was the choice of words you used such as “Expansion of government seems a bad thing…” or “this and this is a good thing”…It is my own personal request that you describe these things with more colorful language. You repeat good and bad a couple times throughout the podcast, and I really feel more sophisticated explanations would make me feel more absorbed. Use words that really speak to your audience. You also never go into depth about why you believe it to be a bad or good thing.
    I really feel that you are just scratching the surface of the possibility and your passion of the subject and you’re teasing us with the small amount of information you give. Give us more of that alluring mind of yours!
    Other than that I really enjoyed your podcast, and your courage to stand up and speak your mind. I think you are off to a wonderful beginning and I can’t wait to hear more as you grow, improve and learn more. Sign me up for the next one!

  2. 2010-10-16 at 23:06:47

    Thank you for your comment. Feedback is both appreciated and encouraged. I am always open to constructive criticism. Currently the podcast is still in “beta” while we work on getting all the kinks out of it (hence the naming of our episodes 0.1, 0.2, etc.). I am confident that as we get more practice with more episodes, the quality of the podcasts will increase.

    Regarding the audio quality, I used different recording software on the two episodes which resulted in the difference in audio you hear. We are starting out on a low (pretty much zero) budget, but as time goes on we may get higher quality podcasting gear resulting in better sounding audio.

    I appreciate your positive comments. I will work on those areas that need improvement. All of us here are open to suggestions on topics for both articles and podcasts. We’ll do our best to always put out quality material.

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