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MQ Artic-ulation

At UCSD there is a fun little campus satire newspaper called The MQ which will probably make you think of The Onion. MQ stands for Muir Quarterly, and as per usual with many names that cease to be appropriate or desirable (Kentucky Fried Chicken), reverting to the acronym was the way they chose to get around the fact the paper is no longer quarterly and is not just for  students of the Muir “college.”


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

I was fortunate enough to take part over the course of a couple of years in which there was a lot of talent in the organization. This would include as sequential editors in chief, the late, great Daniel Zembrosky, who got me into it and Michael Swaim of Those Aren’t Muskets!(video) and fame. While writing for it I was not always thrilled by some of the changes made after I submitted an article, the web edition even seems to have extra typos, but I know that I am better for the experience and I am now one to support any kind of goofy collaborative endeavor. While I would habitually avoid the weekly meeting, the “Production” weekend that would precede the release of an issue was surely the greatest concentration of ‘Random’ that I have experienced to date.

I link you now to the articles I wrote, or at least those I was able to find, with the purpose being just as much for me being able to unearth them again later as to share them, ergo, please excuse the apparent autofellation and do not feel obliged to read any.


Volume XIV Issue I

Man Ghost Rides the Whip While Riding Dirty, Creates Rift in Space Time Continuum

Apparently the editor did not get the joke and as printed it did not have the complete title.


Volume XIII Issue V

Office Themed: Boss’ Team “Quenches Victory at Picnic Rally

Office Themed: New Company Outreach Program Reaches Out to Local Fraternity, Douchebags


Volume XIII Issue IV

Professors Use Big Words to Obfuscate Students

My favorite title (which again was shamefully truncated in the online version).


Volume XII Issue VI

Inter-Fraternity Council

My friends from the volleyball team and I had fun brainstorming this one.


Volume XII Issue V

Kid Themed: Three-Tricycle Pileup Closes Hallway, Ouchies Reported

There’s always some nostalgia with your first.



Apropos, my favorite videos from The Onion itself are probably:

1) “Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters to Realize how Empty Their Lives Are

2) “Should the Government Stop Dumping Money into a Giant Hole?

Ironically, having to do with the latter, congress and the Fed seem to be taking the same task to hand by “printing” more rather than destroying it outright.

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